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Top-rated Security in Tacoma & Western Washington

"Leadership through Integrity"

We offer customized Security Solutions tailored to your specific needs, including Security Patrol Officers, On-Site Security, Emergency Fire Watch, Event Security and 24/7 Emergency Services. Our industry-leading amount of training makes sure our Security Patrol Officers are equipped to handle every situation, ensuring the Safety and Security of your property and gives you the Peace of Mind that you deserve. Contact us today to learn more about how our expert Security Guards can protect what matters to you most.

Marked Patrol Vehicle

Our Services
Roaming Security Patrols, On-Site Security, Emergency Fire Watch,
Event Security & 24/7 Emergency Services

Patrol Vehicle with Officer

Security Patrol

•Free Threat Assessment & Risk Mitigation Plans
•Short and Long-Term Flexible Contracts
•Officers Always Available for Fastest Response

•Combine multiple Services for a Hybridized Solution

Fire Alarm Panel

Emergency Fire Watch

• Trained and Certified in all Seattle & Local Fire Codes
• Residential, Commercial, Construction, Medical, and More
• Real-Time Access to Fire Watch Logs for Peace of Mind
• Exceeds all Fire Department mandated requirements 

Onsite Security Officer

On-site Security Guards

•Highly Trained at De-Escalation & Rapport Development
•Best Standardized Uniforms and Equipment in the Industry
•Comprehensive approach tailored to your Specific Needs

Event Security

Event Security

• Best Security option for any Event
• Parties, Formals, Corporate Events, Auctions, and more
• Professionally Uniformed
• Perfect option for Access Control and Crowd Control

Patrol Vehicle with Officer

Emergency Services - 24/7

• We're always here when you need it, 24/7 Response
• Days, Overnights, Holidays
• Flexible Short & Long Term service options
• Great for compromised Access Control Points, Fire Watch, and Events

Marked Patrol Vehicle

Our Services

• Security Patrol Officers
• Onsite Security Guards
• 24/7 Emergency Services
• Event Security
• Emergency Fire Watch
• Alarm Response
• Security Course Training
• Risk Management

Diligence Security: Your Partner for Comprehensive Security Solutions

Protecting your Property and Peace of Mind is our priority. Diligence Security offers a complete range of security solutions, from highly trained Patrol Officers for unoccupied properties to experienced Security Guards for a variety of locations. Our team undergoes 5x the industry-standard training, ensuring exceptional Vigilance and Rapid Response. We arrive in distinctive, marked Security Patrol Vehicles, deterring criminal activity and providing a visible security presence.

Whether you require Security for a Healthcare facility, Construction site, Commercial property, or even your Residence, Diligence Security has the expertise to meet your needs. We offer customized security plans, including frequent patrols for unoccupied properties and on-site Security personnel for occupied locations.

Take charge of your Security today by calling us and experiencing the Diligence Security difference!

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