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Diligence Security Branding 

Learn why we are the Best Security Guard Services in Tacoma through Seattle & Western Washington.

Company Photo

Brand Narrative

Diligence Security, headquartered in Tacoma, Washington, is Military Veteran owned and one of the fastest growing Security Companies in Washington State. Established in 2020, Diligence Security remains proud of our immediate success early on providing quality security services and value for our Clients but, most importantly for building relationships within our community and our Company. Our customers provide invaluable services across many industries, and they rely on us for our always professional appearance, compassion for community members, and knowledge allowing us to be effective problem solvers. Most importantly, they turn to us for partnership - because they deserve a security team that is as dedicated, collaborative and engaging as they are. At Diligence Security, we foster a culture of effectively solving problems, guiding good decision-making, and creating compassion through empathy and sympathy. We lead the industry through authenticity. For more information, visit

Value Proposition

We help Washington businesses handle the constant threat of security issues, providing peace of mind through Top-Tier Security Solutions, so you can focus on what matters most - Running a Thriving Business.

Company Slogan

"Leadership through Integrity"

Core Values


  • We are an organization built on serving others.

  • We create an environment that prioritizes a safe work environment, allowing others to trust us.


  • We will self-sacrifice for the betterment of others.

  • When other cannot, we must.

  • We are defenders of those that we serve.


  • We care about our impact on our communities and are always learning to better ourselves and our services.

  • We lead with integrity and authenticity.


  • We never tire as we take pride in our duties.

  • We hold our heads high so that others may rest.

  • This is our legacy.

Mission Statement

"Diligence Security is committed to redefining the Security Services industry by operating at the highest ethical and environmental standards while protecting our Clients, Employees, and Communities
with pride and professionalism."

Meet the Management


James Calvin

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Founder & President, 2020

Project Manager

Gavin Threlfall

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Project Manager, 2023


Garrett George

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Supervisor, 2023

Field Manager

Joanna Tibbetts

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Field Manager, 2022


Eugene Henderson

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Supervisor, 2022

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