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Event Security

Event Security

Experienced Event Security Guards in Tacoma through Seattle & Western Washington

Event Security

Access Control and Crowd Control

Ensure your private or corporate event is secured the right way. Experience the difference with our comprehensive Security Solutions that give you unwavering Peace of Mind. We tailor a security plan to your specific event's needs, providing the best Access Control and Crowd Control. Our professionally uniformed Event Security Staff are well-trained to suite your needs. 

High-Visibility Patrol Vehicles

Our Security Patrol Officers are a High- value Return on Investment.  Marked Police Interceptor Utilities equipped with Light Bars, Microphones, Sirens, and other Emergency Equipment provide High Visibility. Allow us to provide the extra level of Presence that your Event needs by hiring our Patrol Officers for your Event. Our Patrol Teams offer great solutions for Traffic Control, Crowd Control, Access Control, and more!

Direct Reporting
Available 24/7

Our experienced and well-trained Staff are the right Team for your Event. We train our Officers for every type of emergency, have clear communications plans, and ensure that each member of the Team is well-versed in the security plan that we set forth with you. Proven Leadership strategies paired with an effective training regimen ensures the safety and success of your Event. Let us to provide the Security you deserve.

Event Security Personnel

Our Event Security Guards undergo comprehensive training programs that equip them with the latest security protocols, de-escalation techniques, and emergency response procedures. Our Security Guards are proficient in access control, fire safety, and first aid, ensuring a well-rounded approach to security. They present a professional and confident image, deterring criminal activity and fostering a sense of security for attendees of your Event.

Diligence Security: Your Partner for Comprehensive Security Solutions

Protecting your Property and Peace of Mind is our priority. Diligence Security offers a complete range of security solutions, from highly trained Patrol Officers for unoccupied properties to experienced Security Guards for a variety of locations. Our team undergoes 5x the industry-standard training, ensuring exceptional Vigilance and Rapid Response. We arrive in distinctive, marked Security Patrol Vehicles, deterring criminal activity and providing a visible security presence.

Whether you require Security for a Healthcare facility, Construction site, Commercial property, or even your Residence, Diligence Security has the expertise to meet your needs. We offer customized security plans, including frequent patrols for unoccupied properties and on-site Security personnel for occupied locations.

Take charge of your Security today by calling us and experiencing the Diligence Security difference!


Proactively Deter & Detect Criminal Activity

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